The Trilarians are a new playable race introduced in Master of Orion II. They reappeared in Master of Orion III once again as a playable race.

Master of Orion IIEdit

The Trilarians were brought into the galaxy of Master of Orion II along with the
Trilarian MOO2

A picture of Trilarian race from MOO2 race selection screen.

Elerians and the Gnolams to create a total of 12 playable races. Their entry in the Instructional Manual of MoO II reads as follows:

Trilatians are aquatic life forms. This race suffers none of the usual penalties associated with living on ocean and swamp worlds. In addition, there is a legend among the Trilarians that their race is descended from a long-lost Antaran colony. Regardless of whether there is any truth to this, this race has proven to beTrans-Dimensional. Even without the aid of FTL drives, Trilarian pilots can move their ships from star to star, albeit slowly. Ships with FTL drives move more quickly than they should. The Trilarian government is a Dictatorship.





Master of Orion IIIEdit

Trilarian MOO3

A picture of Trilarian race from MOO3 race selection screen.

The Trilarians were a Ichthytosian species and one of the oldest inhabitants of the Orion Sector.Their species was noted as being a race of traditionalists and were known to be a peaceful society who placed a great emphasis on art, architecture and philosophy. Since the War of the Depths and the Second Exile, they had changed very little but are instead desperately attempting to regain the lost glories of their distant past whilst forging a new future in the Orion Sector.


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