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Ultraplanar dimorphic prospector

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| image = scientific_victory_3.png
| image size =
| tech = [[Planar transcendence]] (TL 12)
| cost = 700
| upkeep = 0
| effects = Enables Scientific Victory
| req = [[Transponder control plant]]
| res = One per empire
The '''ScientificUltraplanar victorydimorphic IIIprospector''', or UDP, is a [[colony structure]] in ''Master of Orion''. It upgrades the [[Transponder control plant]] and can therefore only be built on the same planet as the HTTP and TCP.
The UDP is an incredibly sensitive sensor array, capable of mapping out the differences between our own galaxy and it's superposed twin in different dimensions.
A transcendence research facility that expands the race knowledge beyond its limits.
Together with the [[Hyperplanar Transfer Tracking Premises]] and [[Transponder Control Plant]], they are the key to transcend this plane of existence and achieve Scientific Victory.
This building has no effect besides triggering the scientific victory. It cannot be built if this victory condition is disabled. Like terraforming projects, it cannot be bought out, so it should be built on a planet with the highest production output.
Once built, the game is won. The empire that built it transcends to another plane, leaving the galaxy behind.
[[Category:Master of Orion colony structures]]

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