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Ship modules are all the components that make up a ship and allow it to carry out your will as emperor.


  • Every module costs and increases the total production cost of a given ship. Even core systems, like the armor, drive, computer, and shield do (these are a flat 2.0 cost factor for armor, 1.5 for shields and drive, and 1.25 for the onboard computer)
  • Space is everything. You can't jam a stellar converter on a frigate and making good use of available space on each ship class is essential to success.
  • For more details, consult the ship designer.

Core systems[]

Core systems cover the basic functionality of the ship. Only two are absolutely necessary for building a ship (armor and drive).


Name Icon Cost Size Description Effect
Titanium armor
Titanium armor.png
2 Standard armor for all ships. Provides little protection other than keeping the ship from being torn by the stress of interstellar travel or the ocassional stray asteroid and keeping the crew shielded from cosmic radiation. Without armor, interstellar travel is not possible Armor multiplier: 1.0
Missile armor multiplier: 1
Tritanium armor
Titanium armor.png
3 Alloyed Tritanium Armor increases the structural integrity of ships and fighters and absorbs more damage than Titanium Armor. Furthermore, Tritanium alloy used in other equipment adds bonus to all ground Marine combat strengths and increases the amount of damage that armored missiles can sustain before being destroyed. Armor multiplier: 1.5
Missile armor multiplier: 1.2
Ground defense combat bonus: 0.1
Neutronium armor
Titanium armor.png
4 Ultra-dense Neutronium Armor boosts the structural hits of ships and fighters. Naturally, it absorbs more damage than Zortrium Armor, even when installed on missiles. Furthermore, Neutronium-laced armor and shields add bonus points to all ground Marine combat strength. Armor multiplier: 2.0
Missile armor multiplier: 1.4
Ground defense combat bonus: 0.15
Zortrium armor
Zortrium armor.png
5 Zortrium Armor is engineered using nano-precision instruments to build composite alloys of a complexity not possible by ordinary means. This armor increases the structural integrity of ships and fighters and can absorb much more damage than Tritanium. Furthermore, Zortrium body armor adds bonus points to the combat strength of all ground Marines. Applied to missiles and other systems, this armor increases the amount of damage necessary to destroy the protected device. Armor multiplier: 2.5
Missile armor multiplier: 1.6
Ground defense combat bonus: 0.2
Adamantium armor
Adamantium armor.png
6 Adamantium Armor is the strongest available. It increases the structural hits of ships and fighters and absorbs an incredible amount of damage. Adamantium-based systems add bonus points to the combat strength of all ground Marines. It also strengthens and increases missile and system resistance. Armor multiplier: 3.0
Missile armor multiplier: 1.8
Ground defense combat bonus: 0.25
Xentronium armor
Xentronium armor.png
7 Tougher than Adamantium Armor and also blocks the AP effects of most weapons. Armor multiplier: 4.0
Missile armor multiplier: 2
Ground defense combat bonus: 0.3


Name Icon Cost Size Description Effect
Class I shield
Class i shield.png
4 4 + hull class * 2.5 Class I shields protect a ship from physical and energy attacks, absorbing damage before failing. Shields normally regenerate one-third of the total strength of the strongest facing, spread equally over all the damaged facings, each combat round. Shield strength multiplier: 0.5
Shield damage absorption: 1
Shield recharge rate: 2.0
Shield cooldown: 5.0
Class III shield
Class iii shield.png
5 4.5 + hull class * 2.4 Class III Shields absorb damage before failing. They regenerate as normal. Shield strength multiplier: 0.7
Shield damage absorption: 3
Shield recharge rate: 2.5
Shield cooldown: 5.0
Class V shield
Class v shield.png
6 5 + hull class * 2.3 Class V Shields absorb damage before failing. They regenerate normally. Shield strength multiplier: 1.0
Shield damage absorption: 5
Shield recharge rate: 3.0
Shield cooldown: 5.0
Class VII shield
Class vii shield.png
7 5.5 + hull class * 2.2 Class VII Shields absorb damage before failing and regenerate as normal. Shield strength multiplier: 1.4
Shield damage absorption: 7
Shield recharge rate: 3.5
Shield cooldown: 5.0
Class X shield
Class x shield.png
8 6 + hull class * 2.1 Class X Shields absorb damage before failing. These regenerate as usual. Shield strength multiplier: 2.0
Shield damage absorption: 10
Shield recharge rate: 4.0
Shield cooldown: 5.0


  • Computers determine the accuracy of attacks made using beam and laser weapons. On ships without any, they can be skipped to save on size.
Name Icon Cost Size Description Effect
Electronic computer
Electronic computer.png
5 The basic Electronic Computer directs all starship beam weapons fire. These computers are automatically equipped on all ships and increase the chance a beam weapon will hit. Should the computer be damaged or destroyed, the ship will lose this bonus. Accuracy bonus: +25
Optronic computer
Optronic computer.png
7 The Optronic Computer incorporates optical switching technologies to speed the processing of all functions. This bonus to efficiency allows more complex AI and adds accuracy of beam weapons. If the computer is destroyed, the ship will lose this targeting bonus. Accuracy bonus: +50
Cybertronic computer
Cybertronic computer.png
10 The Cybertronic Computer uses a neural net similar to a biological brain. It is capable of quickly learning and adapting. These computer systems give a ship a bonus chance to hit with each beam weapon. Should it be damaged or destroyed, the ship would lose this bonus. Accuracy bonus: +75
Positronic computer
Positronic computer.png
13 The Positronic Computer takes advantage of the properties of electrons anti-matter counterparts to accelerate processing. This system adds beam weapons chances to hit. Accuracy bonus: +100
Moleculartronic computer
Moleculartronic computer.png
15 The Moleculartronic Computer stores information in the form of arrays of forced quantum electron states inside custom-built molecules. Thanks to the nature of quantum interactions, even the most complex processing task is almost instantaneous. This system increases the accuracy of beam weapons. Accuracy bonus: +125


  • Drives determine how fast the ships move on the galaxy map and in combat.
Name Icon Cost Size Description Effect
Nuclear drive
Nuclear drive.png
2 3 + hull * 2.5 The Nuclear Drive is the slowest of the faster than light (FTL) propulsion systems. It relies on the inefficient fission of heavy nuclei to move a ship between the stars. Combat speed bonus: 0
Travel speed: 1
Fusion drive
Ion drive.png
2.4 3.5 + hull * 2.4 The Fusion Drive is the next step forward in interstellar drive capability. The efficient fusion of light nuclei propels a ship at 1 parsec per turn. Combat speed bonus: 0.20
Travel speed: 1.5
Ion drive
Ion drive.png
2.8 4 + hull * 2.3 The Ion Drive is something of an advancement and a step backward in interstellar travel. Taking advantage of a quirk in the physics of fission reactions, this engine system improves the ship's movement, but it’s an inefficient reaction that spews toxic byproducts into space. This drive is added to all your ships as soon as you complete your research. Combat speed bonus: 0.40
Travel speed: 2.5
Anti-matter drive
Antimatter drive.png
3.2 4.5 + hull * 2.2 Harnessing the total annihilation reaction between equal particles of matter and anti-matter, this drive improves the ship's movement. This drive is added to all your ships as soon as you complete your research. Combat speed bonus: 0.60
Travel speed: 3
Hyper drive
Hyper drive.png
3.6 5 + hull * 2.1 The Hyper Drive creates a tiny, folded hyperspace bubble in which the energy from a typical matter/anti-matter reaction is collimated and multiplied. Though no one is entirely sure where the extra energy comes from, the drive works, increasing the ship's movement. This drive is added to all your ships as soon as you complete your research. Combat speed bonus: 0.80
Travel speed: 4
Interphased drive
Interphased drive.png
4 5 + hull * 1.9 The Interphased Drive further manipulates the folded hyperspace bubble, phasing it (and the matter/anti-matter reaction going on inside) in and out of normal space several hundred times a second. The incredible energies produced by this process increases ship's movement. This drive is added to all your ships as soon as you complete your research. Combat speed bonus: 1.00
Travel speed: 5

Special systems[]

  • Special systems are entirely optional, but can provide a termendous boost to a ship's performance in combat.


Name Icon Cost Size Effect Restriction
Battle pods
Battle pods.png
2 + hull size * 2.7 Battle Pods are strap-on bays that add equipment space without increasing the hull size. For a substantial construction cost, these allow you to fit more systems in a ship. +50% space

Area of effect[]

  • Modules in this section have a combined effect allowing.
Name Icon Cost Size Description Effect
5 + hull * 2.2 6 + hull * 1.75 The Pulsar weapon emits a harmonic resonance field around a ship that creates violent vibrations in all ships, missiles, and fighters. Any enemies caught in it's wake are damaged by the pulse.
Lightning field
Lightning field.png
4 + hull * 2 5 + hull * 2 The Lightning Field surrounds a ship throughout combat with an ionized particle field capable of overloading the targeting system of any missile or torpedo passing through it. The field has a chance of automatically destroying each missile, torpedo, or fighter attempting to strike the ship.
Plasma web
Plasma web.png
2 + hull * 2 2 + hull * 2 The Plasma Web launches a volley of energy projectiles that ensnare and cling to any ships on the target area. Ensnared ships are periodically damaged by the Plasma Web until it dissipates, even if they leave the targeted area.


Name Icon Cost Size Effect Restriction
Anti-missile rockets
Antimissile rockets.png
2 + hull * 2 3 + hull * 2 Anti-Missile Rockets are designed to intercept and destroy incoming missiles and fighters within a range. Hit chance depends on the distance to the target. Each turn of combat, if the anti-missile rockets have not been fired, they fire automatically to destroy missiles that are about to strike the ship. Anti-missile rockets can target only missiles.
Reinforced hull
Reinforced hull.png
2 + hull * 2.5 0 Reinforced Hull increases the amount of structural damage a ship can sustain before being destroyed. +200% hull points
Heavy armor
Heavy armor.png
8 + hull * 1.7 0 Heavy Armor increases the Resilience of a ship, mitigating the enemy's Armor Piercing capabilities, while at the same time greatly reducing the damage taking from colissions with other vessels and impacts from debris. Resilience doubled (from 1 to 2)
Shield capacitor
Shield capacitor.png
2 + hull * 2.5 6 + hull * 1.8 The Shield Capacitor increases the recharge rate of a ship’s shields. +20% shield recharge speed
Energy absorber
Energy absorber.png
8 + hull * 2 5 + hull * 2 While active, this device diverts any energy-based damage that reaches the ship and stores it in the Energy Absorber, effectively negating that damage. After the absorption effect concludes, a portion of the stored energy is redirected to the ship's shield, recharging it. Accumulates damage until "full" then the accumulated energy can be fired
Multi-phased shields
Multiphased shield.png
2 + hull * 2 2.5 + hull * 2 Multi-Phased Shields allow a ship to constantly change the frequency and phase of its shields, increasing the maximum amount of damage that they can absorb. +30% shield strength
ECM jammer
Ecm jammer.png
8 + hull * 1.5 10 + hull * 1.5 The ECM Jammer generates magnetic pulses that confuse both weapon targeting systems and missile guidance units. The effect is a high chance of missiles and torpedos targeting the ship go astray. +25 missile avoidance
Multi-wave ECM jammer
Multiwave ecm jammer.png
8 + hull * 1.7 10 + hull * 1.7 The Multi-Wave ECM Jammer is similar to the primitive ECM Jammer, except that it spreads its jamming broadcast across the entire spectrum of targeting frequencies. Ships equipped with Multi-Wave ECM Jammers have a chance of misdirecting any incoming missile or torpedo. It is not possible to use both this and the ECM Jammer on the same ship.
Automated repair unit
Automated repair unit.png
12 + hull * 2 15 + hull * 1.5 ARUs periodically deploy drones to work on a ship's hull, allowing it to perform minor repairs during combat. Any ship equipped with an Automated Repair Unit is completely repaired after each battle. Regenerates 5% of ship hull points every 5 seconds
Cloaking device
Cloaking device.png
3 + hull * 1.5 5 + hull * 1.8 The Cloaking Device hides a ship from long-range scans completely. In combat, as long as the ship does not attack, it has a bonus to its defense against beam weapons and a boost to missile evasion. When a cloaked ship does attack, it loses this bonus. Once the ship has attacked, it must remain uncloaked for some time without firing; then it can re-cloak.
Phasing cloak
Phasing cloak.png
2 + hull * 2 2 + hull * 2 The Phasing Cloak is a vast improvement over the Cloaking Device. It allows the ship to temporarily shift its hyper spatial harmonics in a sense moving its atoms partially into another dimension instead of just eliminating the evidence of its movements. This system hides the ship completely from all detection scanners, combat sensors, and targeting systems. While cloaked, the ship cannot be attacked.


Name Icon Cost Size Effect Restriction
Fast missile racks
Fast missile racks.png
1.5 + hull * 2.5 4 + hull * 1.9 A more refined version of the standard missile racks installed by default with all missile modules, these automated loading system greatly decrease cooldown between missile volleys. -33% missile cooldown
Structural analyzer
Structural analyzer.png
1.5 + hull * 2.5 5 + hull * 1.6 The Structural Analyzer links the ship’s weapons array to a powerful computer that chooses target points on an enemy vessel where the structure is weakest. As a result, the damage done by energy weapons that penetrate an enemy ship’s shields is increased. +30% hull damage against enemy ships
Stasis field
Stasis field.png
2 + hull * 2.4 4 + hull * 2.1 The Stasis Field generator ensnares the target ship in a temporal suspension bubble. While suspended, the ship cannot move, fire, recharge any of its weapons or shields, cloak, retreat, or be affected by any weapon. It is effectively removed from battle entirely. The field remains in effect as long as the ship generating the field remains undestroyed and in combat or the generator is intentionally turned off. A ship can hold one target ship in stasis for each Stasis Field it has installed. Ships in stasis at the end of combat must be released and dealt with. Otherwise, the combat does not end. Makes target ship Invulnerable
Hard shields
Hard shield.png
2 + hull * 2 2.5 + hull * 2 Hard Shields are reinforced against the ravages of many forms of incidental radiation. Hard Shields negate any kind of Shield-Piercing capabilities on the enemy, and allow the shield to continue to work even under Nebulas. +3 absorption rate (negates shield piercing and increases damage mitigation)
Time warp facilitator
Warp facilitator.png
2 + hull * 2 2 + hull * 2 This device opens a tear in space-time continuum, creating a pocket of distorted time around the ship that slows down any incoming projectiles, delaying their impact. Slows down time around the ship
High energy focus
Highenergy focus.png
3 + hull * 2.2 4 + hull * 1.9 Channel the firepower from energy weapons more efficiently, increasing the damage each weapon inflicts. It does not improve the chances of hitting a target, nor does it prevent the normal drop-off of damage against distant targets. +50% damage with beam weapons
Quantum detonator
Quantum detonator.png
4 + hull * 2 2.5 + hull * 2.3 Increases the power of the drive explosion when the ship is destroyed or self-destructs. Increases self destruct damage/area
Gyro destabilizer
Gyro destabilizer.png
75 75 It inflicts structural damage according the ship's size class. Spins a ship in random direction. No cost/space modifications per ship size. Spins and damages target ship
Black hole generator
Black hole generator.png
120 + hull * 1.3 150 + hull * 1.2 Rips a hole in space-time, creating a pocket black hole that immobilizes all enemies in the targeted area and deals massive damage over time.


Name Icon Cost Size Effect Restriction
Stealth field
Stealth field.png
2 + hull * 2 2 + hull * 2 The Stealth Field reduces the emissions of hyperspace drives and baffles much of the turbulence they cause in normal space. These ships cannot be discovered by normal sensing equipment
Augmented engines
Augmented engines.png
4 + hull * 2.5 5 + hull * 2.5 Increases a ship's interstellar travel speed.
In combat, it can be activated for a short speed boost.
+50% travel speed
+25 missile avoidance
Inertial stabilizer
Inertial stabilizer.png
15 15 The Inertial Stabilizer creates an incomplete hyperspace travel field that operates in normal space. This vastly improves the ship’s mobility and makes it considerably harder to target. The result is an addition to the ship’s beam defense and a halving of the movement cost for turning the ship in place. Avoidance: +25
Inertial nullifier
Inertial nullifier.png
15 15 The Inertial Nullifier creates a weakened hyperspace travel field that does not translate the ship out of normal space. This reduces the effective mass of a ship to almost zero, increasing its mobility and making it considerably harder to target. As a result, this adds bonus to the Ship Defense against beam weaponry. In addition, the ship can change direction (rotate in combat) without any movement cost at all. Avoidance: +25
Displacement device
Displacement device.png
2 + hull * 3 3 + hull * 2.5 Allows the ship to near-instantly travel a small distance in space, blinking in and out of combat.


Name Icon Cost Size Effect Restriction
Achilles targeting unit
Achilles targeting unit.png
3 + hull * 2.2 7 + hull * 1.6 This targeting analysis tool quick-searches scanner data to find weak points in an enemy ship’s structure. Missiles fired from an Achilles-enabled vessel have a small chance to strike these weak points, instantly destroying smaller vessels in one hit. 1% chance to instantly kill target ship
Battle scanner
Battle scanner.png
3 + hull * 1.5 4 + The Battle Scanner involves a complex scanning array linked to a ship’s targeting computers. The scanner increases the ship’s chance to hit with beam weapons. Furthermore, ships equipped with Battle Scanners have a scanning range greater when in normal or hyperspace (outside of combat). Accuracy bonus: +30
Rangemaster targeting unit
Rangemaster targeting unit.png
3 + hull * 2 4 + hull * 2 The Rangemaster Targeting Unit corrects for long-range targeting inaccuracies in beam weapons, increasing beam hit chance at long range. Negates range accuracy loss (range accuracy not implemented)

Enemy mobility[]

Name Icon Cost Size Effect Restriction
Tractor beam
Tractor beam.png
2 + hull * 2 2 + hull * 2 Requires 1 tractor beam per size class of target ship to completely stop the target. Slows down target ship
Warp dissipater
Warp dissipater.png
16 + hull * 1.5 20 + hull * 1.5 The Warp Dissipater creates a system-wide interference field around a ship in combat. This field prevents any enemy ship from entering hyperspace while it’s active. Thus, ships cannot retreat from combat while the dissipater is functioning. Enemy cannot retreat nor blink
Wide area jammer
Wide area jammer.png
12 + hull * 1.7 15 + hull * 1.7 The Wide Area Jammer generates a broad spectrum magnetic pulse that jams weapons targeting and tracking systems and missile guidance units. The effects cross the entire spectrum and spread out in a sphere. This has a chance of preventing missiles and torpedoes from hitting the equipped ship, and chances of disrupts the lock of the missiles and torpedoes aimed at all other ships in the same fleet. The Wide Area Jammer cannot be installed on the same ship with either an ECM Jammer or a Multi-Wave ECM Jammer.