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'''Research points''' are one of the crucial aspects of a planet's productivity, providing the means for ascending the [[technology tree]].
Research points generated by [[colonies]] are pooled together for the purposes of research. Naturally, you want this to be as high as possible, to ensure a technological advantage over the opponent or simply to not lag behind them overly much. While raw industrial output and strength in numbers can provide a decent advantage, nothing beats cutting edge ships loaded with the most advanced weapons brought to bear on the opponent (well, except for prohibitive costs of manufacture).
==Optimizing production==
;For a list of structures that affect the food output of a planet, see [[Colony structures#Research]]
* Research points are biome-agnostic, unlike [[food]] and [[production]]. Finally, a purpose for all those F-class planets!
* Ideally, you want to construct worker-independent structures first. These provide a constant supply of RP without the need for devoting precious manpower to research. Follow them up with those increasing the general output of productivity and global bonuses.
* Of course, if you're going for a research blitz, focusing on individual bonuses is preferable, as these maximize the effectiveness of each worker.
[[Category:Master of Orion planet management]]
[[Category:Master of Orion planet management]]

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