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Races are the defining element of Master of Orion.



In game races[]

Race table[]

Player Controlled[]

Species Race MoO 1 MoO 2 MoO 3 MoO 4
Avian Alkari Playable Playable Magnate Playable
Cybernetik Cynoid Playable
Cybernetik Meklar Playable Playable Playable Playable
Etherean Eoladi Playable
Etherean Imsaeis Playable
Fungal Phaigour Magnate
Gargantua Rhea Magnate
Geodic Silicoids Playable Playable Playable Playable
Harvesters Ithkul Playable
Humanoid Evon Playable
Humanoid Humans Playable Playable Playable Playable
Humanoid Psilon Playable Playable Playable Playable
Humanoid Terran Collector's Edition
Ichthytosian Nommo Playable
Ichthytosian Trilarians Playable Playable DLC
Insectoid Klackons Playable Playable Playable Playable
Insectoid Tachidi Playable
Metashifters Darlock Playable Playable Magnate Playable
Non-Corporeal Brye Ehts Magnate
Not specified Akirian Independent
Not specified Bulrathi Playable Playable Magnate Playable
Not specified Degonite Independent
Not specified Eldritch Independent
Not specified Elerians Playable Magnate DLC
Not specified Glis Independent
Not specified Gnolam Playable Magnate DLC
Not specified Mrrshan Playable Playable Magnate Playable
Not specified Nyunyu Independent
Not specified Nyemorian Independent
Not specified Thersonian Independent
Not specified Yar-ssian Independent
Not specified Zarkonian Independent
Plant Audrieh Magnate
Protoplasmic Ajadar Magnate
Saurian Grendarl Playable
Saurian Raas Playable
Saurian Sakkra Playable Playable Playable Playable

AI Controlled[]

Species Race MoO 1 MoO 2 MoO 3 MoO 4
Not specified Antarans AI Ships Unconfirmed
Not specified New Orions AI Controlled Unconfirmed
Not specified Orions AI Ship AI Ship Unconfirmed

Race development by game[]

Master of Orion (1993)[]

Races in the original 1993 game:

Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares (1996)[]

The sequel inherited all the ten races from the original, added three more, and allowed for creating your own custom race.

Returning races:

New races:

Master of Orion III (2003)[]

The next game removed several staple races (on the pretense of them not being alien enough), modified existing ones, and grouped them into several species.

Races grouped by species:

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars (2016)[]

The reboot will feature the ten classic "civilizations" as well as adding a new, Terran, faction.

Returning civilizations:

The three civilizations that were introduced in MoO2 were reintroduced into MoO4 in a subsequent DLC release: Master of Orion: Revenge of Antares:

  • Elerians, Gnolams, Trilarians
  • Antarans (non-playable)

New civilizations:

Magnate & Independent Races[]

Both MoO3 and MoO4 contain races not selectable as a starting race which instead present themselves as single-planet colonies scattered across the map. MoO3 introduced the concept as a way for players to gain access to more diverse racial traits, MoO3 expanded on the concept by adding diplomatic and quest-giving capabilities to the independent races.

Magnate Races in MoO3 (2003)[]

MoO3 was originally planned to include 32 races; this was later cut back to 16 due to time constraints. Some of the cut races as well as the removed staple races were retained in the game in the form of marginalized magnate races.

Magnate races without a specified species:

  • Avian (Alkari)
  • Fungal (Phaigour)
  • Gargantua (Rhea)
  • Metashifters (Darlock)
  • Non-Corporeal (Brye Ehts)
  • Plant (Audrieh)
  • Protoplasmic (Ajadar)

Magnate races without a specified species:

The magnate races were not selectable as a starting race; instead single colonies of magnate races were scattered across the map. The magnate population would be taken over and integrated into the empire after a successful Colonization of their starting planet.

Independent Civs in MoO4 (2016)[]

Just as Magnates in MoO3, Independent civilizations occupy a single planet in a given system and have no ambitions of expanding into interstellar space. Once you encounter them, your civilization is given the option to complete their quests. This increases their affinity for you. If the relationship with a given empire is maxed out, then the civilization will offer annexation.

As of now there are 9 independent races in Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars: