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Population growth high.png

Population is the basic building block of an empire. The very much countable millions of hearts working as one towards your goal, whatever it is.


  • Your population is represented in units, each abstracted as a single worker who can be assigned to one of three jobs on the planet (food, research points, and production).
  • Population generates income through taxation on top of the resources generated above. A larger population means more income across the board.
  • The motivation of your population to continue working for you is represented by morale. The lower the morale, the bigger percentage of the population will go on strike and reduce your income (a striking population unit does not generate anything).
  • Each population unit requires one unit of food per turn to survive. Otherwise, starvation sets in and you lose one unit of population per turn of negative food income.

Population icons[]

These little icons represent one unit of population in a simplified manner, aiming to make the race and occupation immediately recognizable. Scientists wear a white lab coat with a vertical blue stripe, and hold a beaker. Farmers wear blue overalls and hold a pitchfork. Workers wear a hard hat and an orange vest and hold a jackhammer. If they are non-productive due to low morale, they sit on the floor and hold a sign with a red X on it. The neutral population icon is used to represent civilian populations in planetary combat.

Race Scientists Farmers Workers
Alkari Citizen.png Alkari Scientist.png Alkari Scientist OnStrike.png Alkari Farmer.png Alkari Farmer OnStrike.png Alkari Worker.png Alkari Worker OnStrike.png
Bulrathi Citizen.png Bulrathi Scientist.png Bulrathi Scientist OnStrike.png Bulrathi Farmer.png Bulrathi Farmer OnStrike.png Bulrathi Worker.png Bulrathi Worker OnStrike.png
Darlok Citizen.png Darlok Scientist.png Darlok Scientist OnStrike.png Darlok Farmer.png Darlok Farmer OnStrike.png Darlok Worker.png Darlok Worker OnStrike.png
Elerian Citizen.png Elerian Scientist.png Elerian Scientist OnStrike.png Elerian Farmer.png Elerian Farmer OnStrike.png Elerian Worker.png Elerian Worker OnStrike.png
Gnolam Citizen.png Gnolam Scientist.png Gnolam Scientist OnStrike.png Gnolam Farmer.png Gnolam Farmer OnStrike.png Gnolam Worker.png Gnolam Worker OnStrike.png
Human Citizen.png Human Scientist.png Human Scientist OnStrike.png Human Farmer.png Human Farmer OnStrike.png Human Worker.png Human Worker OnStrike.png
Klackon Citizen.png Klackon Scientist.png Klackon Scientist OnStrike.png Klackon Farmer.png Klackon Farmer OnStrike.png Klackon Worker.png Klackon Worker OnStrike.png
Meklar Citizen.png Meklar Scientist.png Meklar Scientist OnStrike.png Meklar Farmer.png Meklar Farmer OnStrike.png Meklar Worker.png Meklar Worker OnStrike.png
Mrrshan Citizen.png Mrrshan Scientist.png Mrrshan Scientist OnStrike.png Mrrshan Farmer.png Mrrshan Farmer OnStrike.png Mrrshan Worker.png Mrrshan Worker OnStrike.png
Psilon Citizen.png Psilon Scientist.png Psilon Scientist OnStrike.png Psilon Farmer.png Psilon Farmer OnStrike.png Psilon Worker.png Psilon Worker OnStrike.png
Sakkra Citizen.png Sakkra Scientist.png Sakkra Scientist OnStrike.png Sakkra Farmer.png Sakkra Farmer OnStrike.png Sakkra Worker.png Sakkra Worker OnStrike.png
Silicoid Citizen.png Silicoid Scientist.png Silicoid Scientist OnStrike.png Silicoid Farmer.png Silicoid Farmer OnStrike.png Silicoid Worker.png Silicoid Worker OnStrike.png
Terran Citizen.png Terran Scientist.png Terran Scientist OnStrike.png Terran Farmer.png Terran Farmer OnStrike.png Terran Worker.png Terran Worker OnStrike.png
Trilarian Citizen.png Trilarian Scientist.png Trilarian Scientist OnStrike.png Trilarian Farmer.png Trilarian Farmer OnStrike.png Trilarian Worker.png Trilarian Worker OnStrike.png