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Personality is used by the game to determine the behavior of the races you encounter. While it is formally divided into personality sensu strico and objectives, these have been folded for convenience.

Attitude[edit | edit source]

  • Ruthless leaders attack with little or no provocation and are quite willing to sacrifice starships and people to achieve their goals.
  • Erratic leaders are totally unpredictable. One year they may be peace ful and non-violent, while the next year they will go to war over any little excuse.
  • Aggressive leaders will attack any time they are put in a favorable
  • Pacifistic leaders are eager to maintain peaceful relations even after being attacked.
  • Honorable leaders will never attack anyone that they are on good terms with. However, they will react twice as strongly to unprovoked attacks and sabotage.
  • Xenophobic leaders hate everyone, halving the effects of positive diplomacy and doubling the diplomatic effects of hostile actions.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

The leader’s objectives determine how the emperor will allocate resources and focus technological research:

  • Diplomats concentrate resources on trade with allies and espionage with enemies. Otherwise they seek a balance between military buildup, ecological maintenance, and technological research.
  • Militarists seek to develop new and innovative weapons technology. They will build and maintain a large star fleet at all times.
  • Technologists will focus resources on the development of new technology with little emphasis placed on any one single area.
  • Ecologists wish to develop and maintain star systems which provide the best environments for population growth. They will concentrate technological research on planetology and construction above all other sciences.
  • Industrialists seek to not only build the most factories possible, but to also acquire technology that will allow industry to grow and improve.
  • Expansionists are primarily interested in expanding territory. They will spend considerable resources on developing propulsion and planetology technology. Furthermore, expansionists are more likely to send out transports to colonize new worlds.

Default personalities[edit | edit source]

  • Alkaris — Honorable Militarists
  • Bulrathis — Aggressive Ecologists
  • Darloks — Aggressive Diplomats
  • Humans — Honorable Diplomats
  • Klackons — Xenophobic Industrialists
  • Meklars — Erratic Industrialists
  • Mrrshans — Ruthless Militarists
  • Psilons — Pacifistic Technologists
  • Sakkras — Aggressive Expansionists
  • Silicoids — Xenophobic Expansionists