Nuclear missile

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Nuclear missile
Nuclear missile.png
Armory data
Maximum Damage20
Space Required10
Production Cost3
ModificationsHeavy Armor

Nuclear Missiles are a ship weapon in Master of Orion.

Description[edit | edit source]

Each Nuclear Missile carries a warhead that inflicts damage on the target ship. The standard guidance system in every missile all but assures a hit, unless the missile is destroyed in transit or deflected by a jamming system.

Evaluation[edit | edit source]

The Heavy Armor modification doubles the base HP of 2, for a resulting HP of 4, for a 25% increase in both production cost and size. This isn't worth using since the base HP of Merculite missiles is already 3.5.

The MIRV modification doubles the base damage of 20, for a resulting damage of 40, which is well above the base damage of 25 for Merculite missiles. It also increases the production cost from 3 to 7. Unfortunately this mod does not give enemy point defense more targets to shoot at. It only increases damage. Therefore if you lose most of your missiles to enemy PD, the Merculites may serve better. Otherwise, this is a good mod to use, especially at this stage of the game.