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The Nommo are one of the playable races in Master of Orion 3. They are an "ichthytosians " species, along with the Trilarians. They do not appear in any other title of the series.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Nommo are a cephalopodic species that once coexisted with the Trilarians. They left after the War of the Depths to found their own empire, based on their more radical and militaristic beliefs. They believe they are descended directly from the “Old One,” the god of the first Ichthytosians who brought them wisdom (and who, ironically, was an Antaran scientist who began the first steps of genetic modification to the Ichthytosians). This delusion that they are “children of god” has occasionally led to holy wars against those who might deny them their birthright, most notably the Trilarians who still lay claim to what the Nommo consider “their” homeworld...

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