Master of Orion Wiki


How do I colonize a planet?

Step 1: create a colonization ship.
Step 2: Choose which planet you want to colonize
Step 3: Send your colonization ship to specific planet to colonize
Step 4: Click on the green colonization button in the ship ability section

How is one planet better than the other for colonization?

Planet size, gravity, climate, minerals and “specials” will affect how well your colony does:
• Planet size affects your max population: tiny (1), small (3), medium (4), large (5), huge (6)
• Gravity affects your production. Low G: -25%, High G: -50%.
• Climate will mainly affect farming and food production rates. Link to: “How to the different Climates affect my colony?”

How do the different climates affect my colony?

There are ten different possible climates in Master of Orion, each one will affect farming and pollution differently:
• Toxic: No farming possible, increased pollution rate, +50% maintenance, terraforming only possible after building toxic processor.
• Radiated: No farming possible, increased pollution rate, +25% maintenance, terraforming only possible with specific technologies.
• Barren: No farming possible, +25% maintenance.
• Desert: Farming: 1food/farmer, +25% maintenance.
• Tundra: Farming: 1food/farmer.
• Ocean: Farming: 1food/farmer.
• Swamp: Farming: 2food/farmer, max population: 1.5x base size.
• Arid: Farming: 1food/farmer, max population: 2x base size.
• Terran: Farming 2food/farmer, max population: 3x base size.
• Gaia: Farming: 3food/farmer, max population: 4x base size.

How do I assign a population to a specific resource?

You can easily move your population from one resource to the other by clicking on the little person that represents 1 population and dragging them to another.


How do I engage the enemy ship?

When you are in the same space as an enemy ship:
Click on your ship.
Click on the red target in the ship abilities panel.
Attack the enemy ship using either tactical or simulated battles.

Can I engage an enemy ship in a wormhole?

No, when you are in a wormhole, you are unable to attack any other ship.

How do I move my ship?

To move your ship, click on your ship with left click, and then click on the destination with right click. Your ship will arrive there within a certain number of turns.

How do I transport my population from one planet to the other?

To transport your population, you need to research and build a transport ship. This transport ship will allow you to move on population from one colony to another colony.
Create your transport ship on the initial colony
Move your ship to the destination colony
Click on the “drop off” icon in the ship ability panel.

How do I travel through a black hole?

When you arrive at a black hole, in the next turn, you will be able to travel through the black hole using the ship ability panel.

How do I build a ship?

To build a ship, enter the colony management screen, and click on the + sign next to production. After this, click on the Ship tab and choose the ship you want to build.

Planet Management

How do I use credits?

You can use credits for several things in the game:
• Purchasing buildings and ships so you don’t need to wait for them to be built (buyout).
• You can use credits as a negotiating tool with other races to help finalize a trade or to gain their favor.
• You can gift independent colonies credits to gain their favor.

How do I get rid of pollution?

To get rid of pollution that has accumulated on your colony, you can do several things:
• Commence a “pollution removal project” that will slowly decrease the amount of pollution you have accumulated over a certain number of terms.
• Research specific buildings that will reduce the amount of pollution your colony has generated.

How do I win the game?

There are 5 ways you can win the game, each of the based on different conditions. It is possible to work towards more than one victory.
• Excellence: Have the highest score in all 4 of the possible victory conditions.
• Conquest: Defeat all enemy races
• Technological: Be the first to discover and build key advanced structures
• Economic: Lead the Interstellar Stock Exchange market
• Diplomatic: Be elected as the Supreme Chancellor in the Galactic Council

How do I trade with other races?

To initially trade with another race, you need to first make contact with them. After this, you can build an embassy, and from there the trading process can commence:
• Click on the Diplomacy Icon in the top right menu
• Choose which race you would like to trade with
• In the trade menu, you have the option to propose a trade, or see what would make the trade work for the other race.

What are the different items I can trade?

There are several items you can trade with another race:
• Credits
• Annual payment
• Charts
• Establish embassies
• Trade treaties
• Research treaties
• Pact of non-aggression
• Open borders
• Declare war on common enemy
• Form an alliance
• Colony cession