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Dictatorship is one of the available governments in Master of Orion II.

It is considered an absolutely average government as far as custom races go and is the default government for most of them.


In a dictatorial government, one individual rules the entire empire without having to answer to anyone else. Orders and decisions are enforced through a ruthless and efficient organisation, by any means necessary.


  • -20% morale penalty on colonies without marine barracks or armor barracks (the population needs to be kept in line).
  • 8 turns to assimilate a unit of population in conquered colonies.
  • +10% defensive spy effectiveness.
  • Losing your capitol means -35% morale for all colonies until a new capitol is built.

Advanced government

Upon unlocking the advanced government technology, a dictatorial empire becomes an Imperium:

  • 4 turns to assimilate conquered population units.
  • +20% defensive spy effectiveness.
  • +50% command rating
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