Deep core mine

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Deep core mine
Deep core mine.png
Tech requiredTectonic Engineering
Effect+2 Production per worker

Deep core mine is a colony structure in Master of Orion.

Description[edit | edit source]

Traditional mining only extends into a planet’s crust. Advanced structural engineering techniques allow miners to build stable tunnels extending deep into the planet sometimes even into the core. Increases Production cells value.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • The colony improvement to choose. While the core waste dump is a convenience (removing the need to bother about pollution), the deep core mine offers a linear production bonus to all workers assigned to industrial production jobs. This makes a huge difference and the effect scales up with the planet's size class. On Large planets and above, the deep core mine can effectively double the industrial output of the entire planet (assuming full staffing).
  • Understandably, the DCM loses its attractiveness the smaller the planet is. Due to its nature and cost, it's also best constructed in mature colonies, rather than young ones.