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Command points are a global resource and the primary limiting factor for fleet sizes in Master of Orion.


Command points are a reflection of the size of your military. They act as fleet support: As long as the number of command points available exceeds the number of command points required by your fleets, ships have free support. However simple, this system also has a very simple punishment: If the number of required command points exceeds the amount available, you start paying upkeep costs - to the tune of 10 BC per missing point.

Sourcing command points[]


Name Icon Cost Upkeep Effect
Star base
Space station.png
120 1 +5 command points
+1 Scanner Range
Enables Battleship construction
Battle station
320 3 +7 command points
+2 scanner range
repairs 20% of ship health per turn
Star fortress
600 5 +10 command points
+3 scanner range
Upgrades battlestation