Master of Orion Wiki

Colony projects can be divided into two kinds: Ongoing conversion of a colony's Production output for either pollution, income, or export (industrial), or upgrading the planet's biome (terraforming).


Name Icon Cost Upkeep Requirement Effect Restriction
Exports Production to the planet with the Interplanetary Administration structure in the system. 0 Exports production to planet with interplanetary administration built
Pollution clean-up
Pollution cleanup.png
Uses Production output to clean up Pollution. 0 Reduces pollution
Trade goods
Trade goods.png
Converts 50% of the Production output into Credits. 0 50% of production converted to credits


Name Icon Cost Upkeep Requirement Effect Restriction
Artificial planet construction
Transforms Gas Giants into Huge Barren Abundant planets and Asteroid Belts into Large Barren Abundant planets inside the system. 100
Terraforming is the slow process of altering the environmental characteristics of a planet. This changes weather patterns, stabilizes extreme temperature fluctuations, and adjusts the abundance of surface water. Terraforming will only work on planets that have hospitable environments already. You can terraform a planet several times, but each application has an increased production cost. 250 Biome: At least Barren Upgrades biome
Cavernous transformation
Uber cavernous.png
Upgrades Arid planets to Cavernous-class by unleashing a swarm of automated diggers. 250 Biome: Arid Upgrades biome to Cavernous
Grassland transformation
Uber grassland.png
Upgrades Desert planets to Grassland-class by dramatically altering moisture concentration in different areas of the planet via artificial underground aqueducts. 250 Biome: Desert Upgrades biome to Grassland
Inferno transformation
Uber inferno.png
Upgrades Volcanic planets to Inferno-class by artificially increasing volcanic activity via well planned controlled detonations. 250 Biome: Volcanic Upgrades biome to Inferno
Tropical transformation
Uber tropical.png
Upgrades Swamp planets to Tropical-class by changing changes weather patterns on the surface and introducing new live species. 250 Biome: Swamp Upgrades biome to Tropical
Gaia transformation
Gaia transformation.png
The Gaia Transformation introduces genetically engineered microorganisms into a world to create an environment perfectly suited to both plant and animal growth. The transformation can only be applied to Terran environments turning them into Gaia-class worlds. 500 Biome: Terran Upgrades biome to Gaia