Civil transport

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Civil transport
Ship freighter.png
Tech requiredDeep space exploration
Production cost20Command points1
SlotsWeapons: 0
Systems: 1
Hull points50
MobilityAcceleration: 15.0
Angular acceleration: 5.0

Max velocity: 1.0
Max angular velocity: 5.0

Civil transport is a ship type in Master of Orion.

Description[edit | edit source]

Civil Transports allow the relocation of 1 Population unit between colonies. They carry no weapons, so an armed escort is recommended.

Genocides and Eugenics Programs[edit | edit source]

Civil Transports can be used to replace a populace if you have access to a populace with better racial abilities. For example, if you are playing Sakkra or Klackon you can, using Civil Transports replace your research pops in your colonies with Psilon from a captured planet to mitigate your racial penalty for research. Bare in mind, they need low gravity or Gravity generators to operate properly.

Enslave some Klackon peons to farm food and do your construction as they are the best at it.

The races you can benefit from their racials by enslaving them are:

(The perfect colony would have Klackon in all the food & production slots and Psilon in all the research slots - you don't need to be either, those two races just need to be in the game to capture a planet from)

  • Silicoid don't need food so are good to populate a system with a lot of Volcanic planets. Bare in mind if you put them in a food slot elsewhere they won't farm. They also populate slowly.

When you have a mix of races in a colony you get access to Civil transport for each available race in that colony but the ship's shape will be the same as your standard transport ship and it will have the race's icon in the corner.

A Civil transport carrying unassimilated populations will still be unassimilated when unloaded.

Recognition chart[edit | edit source]