Advanced colony ship

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Advanced colony ship
Ship colony.png
Tech requiredAdvanced government (TL 7)
Production cost540Command points1
SlotsWeapons: None
Systems: 1
Hull points200
MobilityAcceleration: 0.4
Angular acceleration: 0.2

Max velocity: 1.6
Max angular velocity: 0.3

The advanced colony ship is a variant of the colony ship. A colony founded by deploying an advanced ship will start with automated factory, colony base, hydroponic farm, and research laboratory, as long as you already have access to these structures, helping it to become productive immediately.

The research laboratory and colony base are guaranteed as the techs unlocking them (government and deep space exploration) are necessary steps on the path to research advanced government (TL 7) and obtain the advanced colony ship. The other two structures require researching biology for the hydroponic farm and physics for the automated factory.

Description[edit | edit source]

Advanced Colony Ships deploy the standard planetary colonization module along with a team of automated construction units, rapidly building a few basic structures as the colony is being settled.

Evaluation[edit | edit source]

An advanced colony ship is much more expensive than the original version. All three additional structures have a production cost of 40 Icon production.png, representing an added cost of 120 Icon production.png. However, the advanced colony ship represents over the regular colony ship a cost increase of 400 Icon production.png. However, this should still manageable for a well-developed planet, and the automatic deployment of these structures mean that the fledgling colony will be able to develop even on a harsh world.

Recognition chart[edit | edit source]

The advanced colony ship uses the same model as the regular colony ship, the recognition chart is therefore identical.